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       May 14,Shanxi Coking Coal Group Corporation Minister He Yan and his party went to Shanmei International Interview with lean management,Interpretation of the Group's Lean Management System Planning and Guiding Opinions of Key Work in 2024,Answer the difficulties in the current lean management promotion of Shanmei International、Empowerment,and put forward requirements for the next step in promoting lean management work。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu China attended the interview symposium,General Economic Master Chang Guangwei、Li Zhongjie, Chairman of Jingfang Coal Industry Reporting Work。

       At the symposium,He Yan in -depth understanding of the progress of lean management of Shanmei International and the pilot Jingfang coal industry、Innovation measures,and affirmed the results obtained by the current lean management dafabet mobile loginof Shanmei International。He said,Coking coal group has planned overall goals and strategic guidelines from the top -level design in terms of lean management,Established the work ideas for the work of promoting lean work in stages,Units at all levels must determine the current stage from both standardized evaluation and maturity evaluation,Focus on value creation,There are key points、Systematic promotion and implementation of lean work,Not afraid of slow、I'm afraid to stop。

       He Yan pointed out,dafabet sports bettingDoing and doing excellent lean production,It is still in the basic stage of lean management,Focus on lean production,Optimized mining design、Improve the operating process standard、Standardized operating procedures、Configuration of scientific organizational elements to improve production efficiency efficiency and efficiency;The second isFocus on summing the results、Copy experience,Do a good job of re -inventory,Digging and refining can be copied、Typical experience that can be promoted,Units that undertake typical achievements must actively participate in cooperation,and take this as an opportunity,Improve the overall lean management level;Three isConsolidate the results of the pilot results,Successful experience and practice of output translation,Jingfang Coal Industry as a pilot unit as a coke lean,On the basis of continuously consolidating and deepening the results of the on -site management results,Do a good job of equipment failure、Material inventory、Cost and other data collection and application analysis,By improving insufficiency,Leading improvement in lean production;Four isEnhanced digital support,Construction relying on the digital management platform,Import various lean management work into the digital management platform,Realizing lean management work to digitalization;Five isStrengthen training and training,Enhanced lean management cognition,Precise focus on difficult points of blocking points,Application of training learned in the various tasks of the company's operation and development。

       Fu China made specific arrangements and deployment on the next work,also said that Shanmei International will closely combine the lean management "fine、Real、Deep、fine "requirements,firm belief、Perseverance relies on lean management to promote production、Security、Cost reduction,Comprehensively improve the company's modernization management level,Making Demonstration in Coking Coal Group、Tree model "。