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Release time: 2024-01-22   Author: Party Committee Propaganda Department Views:

       January 19,Yashan Coal International held the second third professional conference and the 2024 work meeting。Guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Comprehensively implement the Central Economic Work Club、The spirit of the Economic Working Conference of the Provincial Party Committee and the Coking Coke Group Work Club,Summary experience、Analysis of the situation、Clear measures,Arrange the deployment company in 2024,Mobilize the majority of cadres and employees to make new contributions to accelerate the construction of world -class coking coal -coking coal companies。Secretary of the Board of Directors of Shanxi Coking Coal、Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、Chairman Meng Jun attended and spoke。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu Zhonghua's administrative work report。Zhao Yanyu, full -time deputy secretary of Shanmei International Party Committee Zhao Yanyu as a party committee work report。Liu Baolong, chairman of Shanmei International Trade Union chaired the meeting。

       The meeting kicked off in the solemn national anthem,I have heard the work report and administrative work report of the Shanmei International Party Committee,Review and vote and pass the relevant proposal dafabet reviewand conference resolution。

       Meng Jun pointed out in his speech,2023 Shanmei International implements the 20th spirit of the party in depth,Focus on the new coking coal "three steps" strategic target task,Solid Ben Qiangji Grab Management,Reform and innovation promotes development,Reflected the party building leader "Qiang"、"Stability" for production and sales operation、Operation quality and efficiency "excellent"、Innovative momentum "foot"、Happiness Index "High" five aspects of highlights,It has strengthened its strategic self -confidence to promote the construction of first -class enterprises with high quality development。

       Meng Jun from the macro situation、Industry Trends、Group Development and the company's own four levels analyzed the opportunities and challenges facing,clarified "Creating First -class、Create benchmark "、The era mission of accelerating the construction of new coking coal and "doing demonstration,Tree model "、The responsibility of promoting the high -quality development of Shanmei International。He emphasized,To fully implement the decision -making deployment of the group company,Anchor "High -quality Development" theme,Adhere to the party building leader,Persist in steady progress,An upgrade of industrial upgrading with innovation,Advance management files with lean goblins,Enhanced development momentum with reform,Make sure the effective improvement of the quality and the reasonable growth of quantity,Constantly enhances core functions、Improve core competitiveness,Creating first -class,Create benchmark,Strive to create a new situation of high -quality development of Shanmei International。

       Around the year of work, Meng Jun proposeddafabet casino。Persist in a tone: Persist in the total tone of steady progress。Fighting three major tackling: Fighting industrial upgrade、Management Innovation、Three major tackling of reforms。Strengthen three guarantees: the party building leader of high -quality development、Cadre team、Safety and environmental protection three guarantees。Tree four models: benchmarking DuPont,Tree models on essential safety and environmental protection; value guidance,Objective tree models on lean management; digital empowerment,Tree models on improving the effectiveness of smart supervision; process re -construction,Digitalized tree models in the management process of two levels。

       Meng Jun emphasized,To grasp and handle "safe environmental protection、Reform and Innovation、The relationship between the front and long -term development and the high -quality development,Focus on key points,Break up,Strive for the strategic fixed force of promoting the high -quality development of the enterprise,Deeply understand the spirit of this meeting、Implementation。1 is to fight the battle of industrial upgrading,Comprehensively improve industrial quality。Focus on the main responsibility,Continuous strengthening advanced capacity、Resource amplification、Essential coal wins、"Four Strategy",Establish a work class,Cooperative advancement。Focus on the extension chain supplement,Construction of the integration of production and trade and transportation integrated commercial landscape,Forms an integrated efficient industrial chain coordinated development model。Focus on industrial upgrading,Strengthening scientific and technological innovation,Practical promotion of intelligent construction of coal mine,Digital empowerment production and operation,Comprehensively improve the level of optimization and dynamic collaboration of the industrial chain resources。Second is to fight management innovation and attack,Comprehensively promote quality improvement and efficiency。Strengthen production and operation cost control,Cost -of -operation cost method、"Six Jing" production,Continue to advance the "two gold" voltage drop、Optimization of financing structure,Constructing the special cost management and control work system of Yama Coal。Promoting lean management to go deep and actual,Establish "everyone talks about lean、All Value "thoughts,Seeking truth from the project,Exercise on the key points,Demonstration of the Group's Demonstration of the Group。Third is to fight reform and deepen the tough battle,Comprehensive enhancement core function。Dimension market -oriented business mechanism,Continue to promote the "Three Energy" mechanism to extend to the grassroots,Putting the price mechanism、Competitive mechanism introduces internal operations。Promoting the change of management mechanism,Digitalization of the management process,Fully introduced deep PBC assessment,Continuous optimization performance management system。Accelerate the change of business model、Modern transformation、Changes of the supply system,Reference to promoting successful experience,Further expansion of the pilot range of change。Fourth is to strengthen safety and environmental protection,Comprehensively improve the level of essence and safety。Consciously treat safe production from politically,With the sense of responsibility of "always rest assured" and the execution of "everything to the ground",Promoting the deployment of various safety work will be implemented。Du Fang DuPont Safety Management,Improve the safety production responsibility system、Dual prevention system,Establish a standardized working mechanism for "no supervision and control and no operation",Make good use of the "Five Ring Operation Methods" and "Types Six" teams.。Grasp the work of ecological and environmental protection,Improve the list of three -level management and control responsibilities,In -depth fight against pollution prevention,Accelerate the development method of green low carbon transformation。Five is to strengthen the cadre team protection,Comprehensively stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality of the officer。Optimized cadre selection management,Adhere to the principle of party management cadres and the principle of personnel affairs,Increase the depth of cadre reserves,Do a good job of "three sequences" training plan,Strengthen the construction of cadre echelon,Increase the depth of cadre reserves。Strengthen the construction of talent team,With the help of the group's talent center platform,Use market -oriented means to carry out a two -way selection of talent positions,Exploring flexible talent quotation mode。Create a strong work style,Implement the requirements of the "Four Grassroots",Adhere to Daxing Investigation Research,Vigorously advocate the style of the new coking coke company。Six is ​​to strengthen the guarantee of party building leaders,Fully gather high -quality development Strong joint。Constantly improving political ability,Deepen the results of the theme education,Promoting the party's leadership integrates into the company's institutionalization and standardization procedural。Build a grass -roots combat fortress,Strengthen classification guidance、fixed -point contact and supervision inspection,Promote the organic unity of party building responsibilities and operational responsibilities。Comprehensive and strictly managed the party,Compact "two responsibilities",Effective Supervision Commissioner and Smart Supervision Platform function,Promoting supervision penetrating integration into corporate governance、Business Management。Persist in practicing the party's purpose,Guarantee all members' salary benefits,Continue to lead deep "I do practical things for the masses",Further enhances the sense of happiness of employees' sense of happiness。

       Will on the way,Fu China made entitled "Struggle for the first -class,Create benchmark,Administrative Work Report for Administrative Work for the Development of the High -quality Coke Coal,Summary of work in 2023,Clarified the administrative work ideas and key tasks in 2024。The focus of administrative work in 2024 is:One isPersist in the safety bottom line,Consolidate development foundation,Continue to improve the level of essential safety;The second isStrictly keep environmental protection red line,Promoting pollution reduction and carbon reduction,Continuously planting green development of green development;Three isRelease advanced capacity,Strong chain supplementary chain extension chain,Consolidate and expand the effectiveness of industrial linkage;Four isDiscover management potential,Improve efficiency and benefits,Promote the upgrading of the operation quality file;Five isReform reform and change,Reshape management process,Continuously cultivating core competitive advantages;Six isFocus on the needs of people's livelihood,Sharing development results,Fully practicing corporate development purpose。

       Zhao Yanyu made entitled "Ningxin's Soul -Casting Soul Strong Party Building,Du Du practical grasping implementation,Providing a strong guarantee for the creation of a benchmarking enterprise for first -class "party committee work report,Looking back at work in 2023,proposed the work ideas and main starting points of the party committee in 2024。The focus of the party committee in 2024 is:One isFocus on "two maintenance" to grasp political construction,Perseverance uses the party's innovative theory to cast the soul;The second isFocus on "integrating integration" to grasp the party building leader,Integrate the party's leadership into the entire process of corporate governance;Three isFocusing on the construction of "selection management" capture team,Create a high -quality cadre talent team;Four isFocus on "quality improvement and efficiency" grasp the foundation of the grassroots,Comprehensively enhanced political and organizational functions;Five isFocus on "condensing the heart" grasping ideological culture,firmly grasp the initiative of ideological work;Six isFocus on "Zhengfeng Discipline" to grasp the political ecology,Promoting the development of the party in comprehensive and strictly governing the party;Seven isFocus on "Co -Construction and Sharing" to grasp the well -being of the people's livelihood,Wide force of gathering unity and struggle。

       Liu Baolong put forward specific requirements for implementing the spirit of this meeting。One isCommunication learning,Unified thoughts,To know and understand the spirit of the meeting,Fusion will be connected to actual work;The second isPay attention to implementation,Reinforcement responsibility as,Quickly decompose and refine task list,Forms a non -discount、Flal Wind、Seeking truth and pragmatic、Dare to do good situation for good implementation;Three isDan Gan Current,Realize the exciting start,Keep the "big security" bottom line,Fighting "High -quality" target,Make greater contributions to the successful ending of the second "three steps" strategy of Xinjiao coal。

       Member of the Leading Team of Shanmei、Member of the Presidium of the dafabet casino reviewConference、Each departments (center) of the organs、The main person in charge of each sub -branch、The person in charge of the coal mines、The company's headquarters participating in the main venue at the main venue;、Members and managers of all grassroots units、Employee representatives attended the video branch venue。