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       September 30,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanmei International、General Manager Fu Zhonghua went to Hanjiawa Coal Industry and Changchun Xing Coal Industry to supervise and inspect the safety work in the "Four Two Nobels" method。

       Fu China and his party deeply penetrated into Hanjiawa Coal Industry 22209 excavation work surface,Checking the top board support、Quality control of workplace engineering projects,Tissue the work of the work and job operation standard of the person in the class。In Changchun Xing Coal Industry,Host held a safety symposium,Just grasp the current safety production work and put forward requirements。

       Paid China emphasized,dafabet casino reviewIn -depth study and implementation dafabet reviewof the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition and important instructions on production safety,Always tighten the string of safe production,With a sense of responsibility with no confidence, grasp the work of safety。Especially leading cadres,Take the initiative to perform their duties due to their duties,Promote the implementation of safety production work to the grassroots,Cover to unreasonable,Alert to keep the soil、Keeping the soil to be responsible。The second is to deepen warning education。Seriously learn the lessons of the recent production safety accidents in our province,Take the accident of others as your own accident,Analysis of the cause、Against three,Strengthen warning education at all grass -roots teams,Promote "Black three minutes,A moment of life and death dafabet mobile login"and other case information,Effective attraction、Forming an atmosphere、Grasp the results。Third, the management measures are strengthened.Adhere to the "people first、Life first "concept,Production of scientific organizations in accordance with laws and regulations,Fully promote the implementation of the responsibility of production safety、Safety work measures implementation。Focus on top board management、Transportation operation、Water and gas、Limited space operations and other key areas,Increase hidden dangers to investigate and rectify。Continue to promote the urgency of the protection network、Safety and innovation practice such as the air -to -be -air car started inspection procedures,Enhance the safety factor with equipment and technical means、Compressing the "Three Violations" space,dafabet casino reviewMake sure that it is all lost。Fourth is to speed up lean management.Further grasp the connotation of lean management,Accelerate the work of the construction and on -site management of Innovation Studio,Synchronous staged summary and characteristic induction,Promoting the concept of lean、Methods and tools constantly integrate into the on -site management、Production Management、Equipment management、Process management、Data Management,Effectively create high -quality development of enterprises with lean value。