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Shanmei International Changchun Xing Coal Industry Vaculation Department takes the "dust -free" construction of the mine as a key task,For the work surface of the underground comprehensive mining、Comprehensive excavation working surface、Belt reprint point and other dust -producing areas,Formulated detailed comprehensive governance dafabet mobile login measures,dafabet review Promoting dustproof work changes from passive to active。

In daily dust prevention management,Realized strict control of the pipe,Establishing the leading group of "dust -free" management technology assessment,Strict execution "Check every Monday、Analysis、1 notification,One monthly evaluation,The assessment system for one -quarter award and punishment,Infrastructure of consolidating the dust -free management system,Formulate coal mining、Digging Force、Ventilation and other professional comprehensive dustproof management methods。In the on -site management,Realize efficiency and convenient,Find out the disadvantages of dustproof facilities,Optimized design、New Reinforcement。Gao Yongsheng, who was the deputy manager of Changchun Xing Coal Industry, said: "Foreign collection、High degree of digging mechanization,Dust -proof effect is good,But we lack related technical reference in our hands,I can only rely on daily work to ponder and continuously test improvement,The difficulty is relatively large "。

Since the construction of the "dust -free" construction of the mine,Gao Yongsheng is exploring how to control dust,Frequent professional knowledge through the Internet,At the same time, pay attention to the benchmarking learning,Cherish opportunities,dafabet review Go out dafabet review to see more and learn more,Rich to its own dustproof theory and practical experience。Call under the well、Digging work flood treatment,Analysis and summary of the use effect of daily spray,Show to reduce the production of coal and dust from the root,Defects from the factory design through the improvement of the coal mining machine,Dust Departure has a deadly blind area。After discussion with the technicians,Optimize the external spray,First, move the two spray positions on the original coal mining machine walking box to the cover of the two roller motors,This place is not easy to drop coal blocks,Eliminate the collapse of the spray; the second is to attract the cooling water from the exit with the rubber tube to the drum motor cover,Then transform the water outlet and modify it into an outer spray,The exterior spray of the coal mining machine has increased from two to four now,Improve spray coverage,and install the automatic start -stop module,It can make the united spray running with the unit,In terms of dust reduction,Realized the total dust reduction efficiency within 10m of the dust -producing point of the dust production point when the coal drop -down point reaches 88%,Effectively solve the problem of large dust production at the source。Effective fusion of spray spray of excavation dafabet casino review dafabet review units with Feng Shui Catcher will be effectively fused in the comprehensive excavation work surface,Implementation of the dust catcher spray automatically when the excavator starts,Entrusted Port Parking and Dust Catcher Automatically Spray Close,Realizing comprehensive excavation working surface comprehensive dustproof joint management,Effectively improved the precise dust reduction effect。

Unremitting efforts by the team,Changchun Xing Coal Industry under the main alley of the main lanes arranged in the main alley of Feng Shui linkage automatic sprinkler spray device,The effect of spraying atomization is good,Pedestrian、When the rubber wheel vehicle passes through,Sensor device automatically close in time,Preventing water mist wet pedestrian clothing and affecting driving vehicles,Pedestrian、Play wheel vehicle is sprayed immediately after passing,Can accurately eliminate the dust from the rubber wheel vehicle,Save water。Arrange the full broken surface rotating spray device at the comprehensive mining work surface,This spray device is according to the requirements of on -site usage,Spray uses the pressure of static pressure water as power,Promoting the rotating impeller of the device,Formed column -like atomization,The on -site use atomization effect is good。Installed dafabet mobile login dafabet review the independent designed high -voltage shooting dust spray dustproof device,This device is fixed on the platform for the excavator,Principles of dust removal with feng shui,Make the water of the device through the wind pressure,Obuctatization through high -voltage firing flow,Capture a large amount of coal and dust generated during the cutting of the excavator,And the full section of the headway with the movement of the cutting department during the cutting process,Effectively reduced the dust concentration of the excavation operation location。Driven at 22603 transportation slideshow to understand,The total dust concentration of the wind side at 5m after the excavation unit is 1.54mg/m³,The dust reduction rate reaches 91.67%,Good dust removal effect。The promotion and use of autonomous processing through dustproof facilities,To buy less、No purchasing,Realized dust removal and cost reduction。

End of the hard work,It is constantly promoting the optimization of dustproof facilities、improvement、Innovation,The dustproof work of Changchun Xing Coal Industry has been obviously changed,I am at the forefront of the brothers,Based on "dust -free" management,It is also small in the industry。November 17, 2021,Advanced experience in the "Dust Prevention and Management" of the Ministry of Freshman dafabet sports betting dafabet casino review International Ventilation Department of Shanmei International Passionate Learning Site will be held at Changchun Xing Coal Industry,Each brothers ore conducts dust prevention and control learning,Give a high evaluation of the achievements of Changchun Xing Coal Industry in comprehensive dustproof management。

Changchun Xing Coal Industry "Dustless" team has achieved satisfactory results on the road of mining dust prevention,But in subsequent work, it is necessary to play steadily,Continue to maintain a positive work attitude to meet the difficulties。Each member will be in ordinary jobs,Carefully fulfill your duties,Following forward on the road of high -quality development,Make new and greater contributions to accelerating the construction of a world -class coking coal -reinforcement company。