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Zhao Zihao: Shanxi Coking Coal the first "three years and three steps" second -level merit、Yushan Coal International River Qu Luotian Coal Industry Employees。

Zhao Zihao is the earliest dafabet mobile loginbatch of old employees in Yanshan Coal International River Quyutian Coal Industry,He was employed in 2010,Always fight on the front line of production。From the former installed driver to the driver,From the production team leader to the coal field team leader,Zhao Zihao works in multiple positions,After practicing, I have a good skill,overcome difficulties after the attack,Contributing to the safety of mine safety。This year,Zhao Zihao was rated as the first "three -year three -step" second merit person in Shanxi coking coal。

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2020,It is an extraordinary year for Hequ Luotian Coal Industry。This year,Shanxi coke coal has taken the first step in the "three years and three steps" strategy; it is also in this year,Hequ Luotian Coal Industry began to implement lean management。

What should I do? Everyone is confused,I can only cross the river with stones。The company regulates the backbone members of each department,Quickly invest in the work of lean projects。Employees who have rich experience in production and have a certain text skills,Zhao Zihao is naturally listed on the list of personnel。

At the beginning of the dafabet reviewwork of leaning projects,Because there is no specific reference standard,Everyone can't clarify the clue for a while。At this time,Zhao Zihao relied on keen intuition,It is aware of the process of promoting the lean project and sorting out and summarizing the process of work experience in the production area.。After looking for this breakthrough,Zhao Zihao infer the general step of the lean project declaration based on the project on the project declaration form。So,Under the leadership of Zhao Zihao,Everyone starts to formally make the project to write item。

At the expert meeting held later,Zhao Zihao carefully listened to the analysis and guidance of experts on lean projects,I have a deeper understanding of the lean project。With the past ten years of experience in the exploitation of open -air coal mines and the thinking and understanding of lean,Zhao Zihao successfully found the first lean project- "Optimal Optimization of Open -Sky Dispaying Technology,Improve the effective volume of the land ",and successfully passed the formal review of the expert group。

Since then,Zhao Zihao's thinking about lean projects is becoming more dafabet sports bettingmature。2021,He submitted a total of 3 lean projects,Among them, 2 projects have successfully passed Shanxi coking coal acceptance,1 project becomes the internal project of the company,Effectively promoted the lean management of Hequ Luotian Coal Industry。The implementation of lean projects has also set off a wave of cost reduction and efficiency,It has played a promotion of the company's successful completion of various tasks。

After getting a breakthrough in the advancement of the lean project,Zhao Zihao was hired by the company as an internal lean expert,He not only teaches you the knowledge he mastered without reservation,Also help them to promote lean work,Put forward valuable opinions for the advancement of the lean project,Help the company's lean management level continuously improves。

Production first -line multi -faceted hand

In addition to the management of lean projects,Zhao Zihao is still the front -line multi -faceted hand。His not only practiced in the 13 -year work experience, he has a good skill,Summarized a whole set of on -site management experience,Also made a deep text skills because of love。

2022,Zhao Zihao actively dafabet sports bettingprovoked the burden of creating first -class tasks。While completing daily work,He needs to organize the various information throughout the year,Among them, 1 benchmark professional、1 benchmark coal mining work surface、​​1 benchmarking dangers work surface and information about 2 benchmarking positions。More information、The task is unprecedented,But Zhao Zihao told himself: "If you want to do it,No matter how difficult it is, you have to persist。"" Check the information、Reason、Writing plan ... Zhao Zihao often works overtime,even work overnight。Turn over and over again、Submit again and again、Submit again and again、Modification again and again,until passed the acceptance,Zhao Zihao is justified。

charge in front、Courage to take responsibility,Zhao Zihao used the action to play a model for the work of the production area。Under his leadership,Other employees in the production area all love jobs、Benefit、Courageous Innovation、Passionate high,One after another striving for the front line、Behavioral governance、Dynamic standard、hidden danger treatment、Volleyball for Lean Management and other aspects。

dafabet mobile login13 years of wind and rain with He Qu Luotian Coal Industry,It has already been tightly connected to Zhao Zihao and He Qu Luotian Coal Industry,The vow of "Enterprise" has also been practiced in his words and deeds。