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June 30, 2022,Shanxi Jiao coal and coal international Holxinhe coal industry coal selection technology reconstruction technology transformation project with coal trial operation to achieve successful success。This good news is released,It quickly spreads up and down on the Holxinhe coal industry,People are rejoicing。Because everyone knows the weight of the project's task,Highness of renovation difficulty,Tight construction period,It is not easy to be able to successfully achieve coal testing。Because on these 141 days,Secretary of the Party Committee of Holxinhe Coal Industry、Chairman Li Jiangong and dafabet casino reviewthe project team to meet the difficulties、Difficulty for Entry,Leading the company's cadres and employees spent a sleepy night with anxiety and joy。

June 19, 2021,Shanxi Coking Coal Group Corporation's main leadership in the "four non -two straights" method of inspection of safety and environmental work in Holxia Coal Industry,In -depth selection of the main factory building of the coal factory,Detailed understanding of the operation of the sludge flotation system。When I know the original flotation system of the Holxin Herbal Coal Selection Plant, the recovery rate is low、Floating tail coal ash is low and unstable when running,Requires all efforts to accelerate the promotion of mud chopping technology reconstruction projects for coal selection plants,Implement the strategy of "Essence of Coal",Improve economic benefits,and include this work in the key engineering project of the group company。

Leaders who are commanded to overcome difficulties

February 10, 2022,Under the leadership of Comrade Li Jiangong and the project team,Holxinhe Coal Industry Coal Selection Plant Clear Floating Technology Reconstruction Project officially started。There are three floors in a total of three floors before the cement flotation workshop was transformed,Each layer of large equipment is arranged in turn,Various pipelines are intricate and complex,Reform projects need to demolish old equipment,Then install a new device。This "one demolition and one security" does not seem difficult,But the implementation has exposed a lot of problems: the pipeline involves more than 70 (group),The length of the cable is more than 3,000 meters; the base dafabet mobile loginbracket of the original equipment needs to be re -poured,and the seepage of the water seepage of the plant every day causes the original bottom soil to be too thin,It must be excavated to remove the soil layer of 2 meters first; the old equipment is large,It needs to be decomposed and demolished before the new device is free of space ...

A tricky thing,A problem of scorching heads,All the mountains in front of them。The staff of the construction unit at that time came,Seeing the situation at the scene, shook his head,But the Holsin He coal industry did not stop there。Comrade Li Jiangong led the project team with the construction party to measure the distance drawing、Research countermeasures,Determination of "No Break"。Bridge with water、Cover the retaining,Through the study of more than 400 large and small issues, one by one to study thoroughly,One by one to break the solution。

It took almost a month of time,Cut the large old equipment one by one,Then use the indoor crane to transport to the door of the workshop,Large cranes outside will pick up again,transported to the open ground。This is more like a relay race,Look at the rows of large -scale old equipment on the open space,Joy on the faces of the workers,It's like a soldier who won the battle,Tell everyone,The first stage of removing the removal of old equipment is successfully completed with everyone's efforts。

Conquest test is successfully run

This "small test" just ended,The greater test is here。At the end of March 2022,The situation of the "new crown" epidemic in all parts of the country is suddenly severe,Suppliers of the equipment and materials dafabet casinoof each place in the area tightened due to policy,Supply problem suddenly becomes a big problem of "stuck neck",Construction is almost in a state of stagnation,Make the already tense construction period more cramped。

Dilemma,Li Jiangong led the project team to work on the spot,Analyze and judge the problem with you,Mighty to grab the progress。On the one day, follow the device、The production of materials,Strengthen the same epidemic prevention、Emergency、Communication and coordination of the traffic management department,Guarantee manufacturer can be transported to the construction site as soon as possible after delivery。On the other hand, advance planning、Science Organization,Adjust the installation order according to the production progress of the equipment,Precise prediction of concentrated time period,Do the installer in advance、Organization and equipment of equipment appliances,Use three shifts to operate in a hurry、Graving progress,Make sure that it will be lifted immediately as soon as it is carried out。Through a series of effective measures,The impact caused by the epidemic to the minimum,Ensure that the engineering project is methodically advanced。

Time will soon come to Midsummer,Boil the ground during the day of the sun。During that time,Whenever everyone enters the main factory building,Floating is a "heat wave",The cement floor feels hot,At that time, a worker master Chang Junwei said: "Enter the workshop,Khan will come out,Not to mention work,The clothes on the whole body have always been wet,I haven't done it。Even a worker master dafabet reviewwas twisting the water on his clothes,Seriously,No exaggeration at all。"Many employees continue to ask with strong curiosity after hearing:" So hot,How did they persist? "Chang Junwei said at the time:" The leaders of Holxinhe Coal Industry come almost every day,They stay with us,It is also hot,Also give us fruit and summer drinks,The leaders are here,What are we afraid of,Get up your sleeves and cheer! "For the goal in my heart,In order。They do extraordinary things in ordinary posts。

Jie results of fruit fine coal wins

Plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold,Plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold。After 141 days of fighting for day and night,Finally, the fruit was released on the afternoon of June 30, 2022,Successfully realized the operation of coal with coal。Li Jiangong led the project team and all cadres and employees of Holxinhe Coal Industry to unite,Crossing "Block Tiger",Defeated the test of the hot summer,Defeated the test of the hot summer,Bold、Persistence、Fixedly completed every link of the project,Ended rich fruits。

From August 26, 2022, it was officially put into the end of October,The recovery rate of fine coal of the flotation system reaches more than 70%,The average gray score of tailings reaches 72.29%,65%-70%gray score indicator and laboratory test measured by 65%-70%ash score indicator。The output of fine coal increased by about 67,000 tons compared with the flotation system,Profit increased by about 20 million yuan according to the coal price market in the same period,and it is expected that the annual precision coal production will increase by 480,000 tons per year。The project will achieve dafabet sports bettingsignificant economic benefits,also achieved good environmental benefits,Floating system reaches its production effect,The amount of clay products will be reduced by 85%,Highway transportation volume decreases significantly,Contains the occurrence of dust problems from the source。

Cost lead,Essence coal wins,The completion and creation of clam -collapsed technology transformation projects,Fully showing the practical power of the new strategic new concept of new coke。At the Second Professional Conference of the Seventh Turns for Coking Coal and 2023 Working Conference,Shanmei International Holx Hexin Hexin Coal Selection Clasment Floating Technology Reconstruction Project Team was named Shanxi Coking Coal the first "three years and three steps" second -level merit team。Members of the project team unanimously expressed,Clane Floating Technology Reconstruction Project is the specific achievement of all cadres and employees of Holxinhe coal industry to promote lean production。On the new journey of the second "three steps" in the new coking coal,All members of the company will continue to struggle、Yongxing forward,Demonstration model ore for high -quality development,Contributing to Shanxi Coking Coal to accelerate the construction of world -class coking coal companies to contribute to the greatest power。